£50 to help plan via phone/zoom

£115 + mileage fee to help plan via phone/zoom and attend the blessing  - within 2 hours of Preston, Lancashire

Add a mother blessing onto another package as an upgrade for £25 to help plan, and £90 + mileage to help plan and attend  - within 2 hours of Preston, Lancashire

Mother Blessing

Celebrating and honouring the journey of pregnancy. 

Whilst a baby shower is a wonderful celebration of the new life that's about to come into the world, it lacks thought towards the mother and celebrating their pregnancy journey and the change they are going through. A mother blessing celebrates them.

I can either help you plan your own mother blessing, or I can take more of an active part at your mother blessing if you would prefer. I can also help organise surprise mother blessings. 

What does a mother blessing entail:

  • Statements of intent
  • Lighting candles
  • Celebrating the maternal lineage
  • Release fears of pregnancy, birth and motherhood
  • Birth affirmations
  • Pampering the mother
  • Decorating her stomach
  • Giving of gifts
  • Poetry readings
  • Creating of a birth necklace
  • Eating food

Mother Blessings are about surrounding the mother with her support system, a trusted circle of people who can lift the mother up and celebrate this time with her, as she journeys through pregnancy. Mother blessings can be as spiritual as you want them to be, it's completely up to you! 

They are also very interactive, the guests can pamper the mother, paint her stomach (if she chooses), write birth affirmations and read them out to her, talk through her fears, read poetry etc.