What is a 'Doula for Businesses' scheme?

Our one of a kind 'Doula for Businesses' scheme allows you to hire our company and our dedicated knowledgable team of doula's to be apart of your 'employee benefits' package. We would offer your employee's a birth or postnatal doula to support them during this exciting time in their lives. 

Together we can make a difference.

What do we offer?

You would be able to offer a full package of your employee's choice, either birth doula or postnatal doula. We would then discuss with your employee when they would like their package to begin, tailor our service and skills to their individual situation and match them with the perfect doula for them from our dedicated team.

They would also receive a 10% discount for any of our other packages and services.

Why sign up?

Supporting your employee's during their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period will promote employee wellness, and leave them feeling nurtured, respected and cared for.

They are more likely to be able to access ongoing support that they need by having a doula, therefore improving their overall health and wellbeing.

Having a doula also decreases the risk of C-Sections, instrumental births, epidurals and induction of labour, as well as a greater likelihood of establishing breastfeeding, and you're also more likely to have a shorter labour. 

A traumatising pregnancy or birth experience is one of the leading causes of postnatal anxiety, depression, psychosis and PTSD. By having support during pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period you're less likely to have to go through a traumatising experience, and also get support earlier for any issues you may be facing. 

Why choose us?

The Ruby Nest is dedicated to continuity of care and going above and beyond. Not only do we support people for the time that they have scheduled with us, but they will also then receive on going phone/text support from us to ensure that they always have someone they can turn to. 

The Ruby Nest was set up after going through a bad pregnancy/postnatal experience, therefore we understand even more what is needed for people to be supported, why that is so important, and what a difference it can make to people's physical and mental health.

Has anyone else signed up?

At the moment we currently have 2 companies that have signed up to the service, which we are very excited about. 

For more information, prices or any questions, please contact us directly.